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The new Waterside III tower is located in a very prominent location on the Maas at the top of the Oude IJsselmondsehoofd. The relationship with the environment is unique due to the different scale levels and characters that make the area unique. The tower offers 176 houses with a unique view of the Rotterdam skyline.


Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Waterside B.V.


2018 - ongoing


Building permit






Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners, Buro Bouwfysica, Hiendsch, IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, vdw-bm, SkaaL

Renders: WAX Architectural Visualizations

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Dirk Peters, Albert Dijk, Jelena Nikolic, Robertus de Bruin, Reinier van Vliet, Elisabeth Gutsch, Magdalena Mroz, Christian Maijstre, Agata Majcherska, Luca Braccini, Mariachiara Mondini, Duc Ngo, Ruggero Pedrini, Beatrice Piola

The building design responds to the surroundings by linking the human dimension of the green terrace skirting and the adjacent landscape to the scale of the dyke landscape and the village of Oud-IJsselmonde. At the same time, the building manifests itself towards the Brienenoord Bridge as a playful welcome gesture for the Rotterdam metropolitan area and a wink is made on the Maas side to the vastness of the water.

Charasteristic for the project is a special façade concept with ascending loggias and large terraces. This creates a unique building appearance that connects residents, visitors and local residents. In addition to the building design, we paid much attention to the high-quality landscape design of the area. The harbor terrace is publicly accessible and provides a stop for the waterbus; an inviting friendly green park is created that connects the project with the roof landscape. As a result, the entire area will be upgraded and will soon become a pleasant environment for everyone who lives in the area.