Barcode Architects
Bureau for Architecture
and Contemporary Design
About us

Barcode Architects is an international office for architecture, urbanism, and contemporary design. Our dynamic office is led by Dirk Peters, along with a creative team of professionals including architects, urban planners, and technical designers.

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What we do

Our work is pushed by our ambition to create spaces and places that revitalize and transform their environment. Buildings that move people and generate an aesthetic sense, and that people can identify with. Our designs are site-specific, but always with an unexpected twist.

In this fresh and contemporary approach lies the ‘above and beyond’ — the added value that a project gives to its clients, users, and surroundings. Urban masterplans, public buildings, high-quality residential and office towers, exclusive villas: each of our projects is unique and the result of extensive, concept-driven experimentation of function and form.

We design in close collaboration with our clients, users, and our interdisciplinary team. However, our role as architects goes beyond designing the best spatial solution for an assignment. Being entrepreneurs, we actively seek and create opportunities to improve the built environment.

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