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CasaNova, a 110-meter-high tower at Wijnhaven 65, is the first triangular shaped tower in the skyline of Rotterdam. The unique volume takes the sightlines and daylight entry of surrounding towers into consideration and is a distinctive yet fitting addition to this urban area. By engaging with the surrounding street on all its sides, it contributes to the liveliness in the Maritime District.


Rotterdam, the Netherlands


VOF Wijnhaven 65 & Wilma Wonen


2017 – ongoing


Under construction






Pieters Bouwtechniek (structure), ABT (installations, building physics, fire safety, acoustics), Smits Bouwbedrijf (construction), VVG (cost management)

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Caro van de Venne, Dirk Peters, Tim Brans, Wim Sjerps, Jelena Nikolic, Andrea Durante, Ilaria Ronchi, Andrea Durante, Cristóbal Middleton, Leire Baraja, Ellen Rouwendal, Jelmer Amory, Arthur Lachard, Piotr Kalbarczyk, Francesco Illuminati, Marta Falchi, Jordi Jorba

The triangular volume is a fitting addition to this highly urban area. By rejuvenating at the point where the tower touches the plinth, the tower seems to balance elegantly on its slender foot. By combining a delicate form with a dynamic transition to the plinth we created an elegant sculpture in the skyline. On the adjacent plot the Muse (also designed by Barcode Architects) is under construction. The Muse and CasaNova are designed in symbiosis with each other.

The residential units offer high-end housing with luxurious materials. There are three apartments on each floor, all with a generous balcony in the point offering optimal sunlight and unique panoramas of 300 degrees over the city.

CasaNova and the Muse offer an urban living experience with both privacy and spaces for socialization, and are a refreshingly new addition to Rotterdam’s cityscape.