Barcode Architects
Bureau for Architecture
and Contemporary Design


Rotterdam is boldly shaping its future by stimulating the development of new high-density residential projects throughout the city. The Muse contributes to this positive urban development that the city is currently experiencing. The combination of high-quality architecture and a rich residential program make The Muse an fascinating addition to the new character of Rotterdam. The Muse is characterized by its sculptural volume and forms a distinctive highlight in the skyline.


Rotterdam, the Netherlands


VOF WH69 & Wilma Wonen


2014 – ongoing


Under construction






IMD (structural engineer), Mabutec (installations), ABT (acoustics, fire safety, building technology)

Annette Rooijaards, Hans Wilschut

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Dirk Peters, Caro van de Venne, Tim Brans, Hendrik Bloem, Wim Sjerps, Sara Picazo, Boris Kozlowski, Marko Koops, Robbert Peters, Egidijus Kasakaitis, Ilaria Ronchi, Ruggero Pedrini

By placing the tower asymmetrically on the plot, the tower positions itself in a balanced way between the high-rise buildings in the rest of the immediate vicinity and the future development at Wijnhaven 65, the CasaNova, also designed by Barcode Architects. The plinth and the tower merge into one another, creating a recognizable sculpture.

The Muse has two distinctive facades. The longitudinal facades are open and transparent and orient themselves on the Maas and the immediate surroundings of the city. The iconic white balconies are connected in such a way that they partly have a double height compared to the balcony above, and each home enjoys optimum sun and viewing conditions. The interaction between a deep and a shallow balcony also ensures optimum privacy for the neighbours. The east and west façades have a solid and powerful appearance. They are constructed from anthracite precast concrete elements and, in contrast to the transparent north and south façade, are more closed and dark in nature. They give the tower an expressive shell that accentuates the building shape and gives it a very recognizable silhouette in the Rotterdam skyline.

The Muse comprises 94 apartments ranging between 80m² and 200m², including a number of luxury penthouses on the upper floors. Specifically, 100% owner-occupied apartments were chosen and aimed at the target group of city residents who would like to live in luxury and comfort in the heart of Rotterdam. The Muse and the CasaNova will be connected to each other by a large collective rooftop garden. Additionally, residents can make use of a number of collective facilities, including hotel rooms that can be rented for their visitors.