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The Brew is one of the first developments in the transformation of the former Bärenquell Brauerei in Berlin. Barcode Architects transforms the so-called Flaschenabfüllgebäude from an industrial ruin to a new icon along the Spree. The Bärenquell Brauerei is a large-scale industrial building complex in the Treptow-Köpenick district of eastern Berlin. Due to the decline in demand for East Berlin beer after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the complex was closed in 1994. After years of abandonment, the complex was about to be demolished, but now it will be transformed into a lively part of the city where living, working and culture come together, based on the masterplan designed by Tchoban Voss Architekten. The ambitious masterplan focuses on optimally preserving the identity of the complex, with raw industrial materials and the urban culture that is blossoming there.


Berlin, Germany


HCM Berlin


2019 - ongoing


Design development






s1 architektur (local architect), ABT (structure, MEP, acoustics, sustainability, cost management)

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Caro van de Venne, Giulia Pastore, Alizée Taimanglo, Cris Skenderi, Maria Paula Velez Manrique, Bogdan Ursan, Beatrice Piola

The industrial complex is a former bottling plant and consists of two monumental factory halls, where the beer bottles were originally filled and stored. The front building of the industrial hall will be demolished, making way for a new building volume. In the future, the transformed complex will house offices, spaces for small-scale craft, a large beer garden and various hospitality concepts.

Within the 1.900 m² open space of the Flaschenabfüll hall, a new structure is realized⁠—in which companies with different sizes and functions can settle—without breaking the raw, elongated character of the monumental hall. The roof of the large hall is expanded with a new, three-meter-high transparent volume, which lights up like a lantern. As a beacon by the Spree, it indicates the new life that will emerge here and ensures appeal and recognizability. In the southly situated, lower Flaschenlager hall more workplaces will be created; on top of the hall Barcode Architects designed a roof terrace with a fantastic view over the Bärenquell area.

The new, distinctive 35-meter-high tower volume, adjacent to the large hall, signals the new development that is manifesting itself here and makes a bold and powerful statement. The tower is a nod to the industrial heritage of the complex, but has a contemporary twist in material and expression.
The redevelopment of Bärenquell Brauerei sets the scene for the further densification of Berlin and the activation of the quays along the Spree. The proposal for The Brew has been very well received by the city. The transformation will start in mid-2022.