Barcode Architects
Bureau for Architecture
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Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Fontys Hogescholen


2019 - ongoing


Under construction






Hollandse Nieuwe (interior), OKRA landschapsarchitecten (landscape), ABT (costs), Arcadis (construction), Peutz (acoustics), Nelissen (installations)

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Dirk Peters, Caro van de Venne, Tim Brans, Ellen Rouwendal, Wim Sjerps, Camilla Coppitz, Florin Salcudean, Carlos Callejo Arroyo, Lorenzo DiGiulio, David Tantimonaco, Tai Wei Kan, Hans van Pelt, Michael Baas, Ruggero Pedrini, Beatrice Piola, Filippo Rossi, Leslie Che, Danielle MacLeod, Chloe Hojeily, Francesca Gardini

Building 3 forms a flexible home base for five educational institutes within Fontys, with workspaces for staff and students and teaching and lecture rooms. These home bases are designed for small-scale education and community building. The building has been designed as a flexible and efficient volume, so it can be easily transformed in line with the needs of the (future) users. A public route runs through and along the building, connecting the campus with the city. Two atriums stimulate new connections between the institutes and their corresponding home bases. On the ground floor, the building has a striking extension that clearly marks the entrances and creates a roof terrace. The roof terrace offers outdoor workspaces and a fantastic view over the campus.

At 12.000m², Building 3 is one of the largest buildings on campus. The scale of the building is broken by giving the ground floor a different materialization than the floors above it: it appears to be cut off from the rest. The ground floor façade is made of glass, which makes the volume appear lighter and the superstructure seemingly floating in the landscape.