Barcode Architects present the design for the redevelopment of the Nieuwstraat in Arnhem

September 30, 2018

Barcode Architects, in combination with developer AM, have won the tender for the redevelopment of the Nieuwstraat area in Arnhem! The project consists of six ‘houses’, each with their own striking identity and materialization and a vibrant public plinth. Through this redevelopment of the Nieuwstraat the historic city center is reconnected with the Rhine and transformed into a new destination in the city of Arnhem.

Barcode Architects design the first plot for Feyenoord City

July 17, 2018

The team consisting of Barcode Architects and developer AM have been selected as the winner of the competition for the first plot of Feyenoord City. Located at Parkstad Zuid, this new energy-neutral building includes over 250 residences, as well as parking, leisure, hospitality, sports and social facilities. The design fits well with the needs of the city, as well as the vision for Feyenoord City and the Parkstad area.

Barcode Architects present the design for Hyde Park Hoofddorp

June 7, 2018

Barcode Architects design the first block of Hyde Park, a new lively residential area with metropolitan allure will emerge in the edge of Amsterdam. The block is the first development in this block and sets the standard for a new district with dynamic architecture in a daring urban plan. The design is characterized by a rich diversity of high-rise staggered housing that form a fascinating architectonic ensemble that transcends the imagination of the classic housing block. With experimental roof forms and heights Barcode Architects has been able to create new quality of living. This results in an ambitious mix of housing typologies that suit many different types of residents – from lofts located next to the water to maisonettes, from roof terrace penthouses to studio apartments.

Construction has started at Plot5

April 9, 2018

Construction of the new residential development at Plot 5 in Delft has officially started. The project is a key part of the “New Delft” station area redevelopment. Barcode Architects’ design consists of a playfully varied ensemble of four buildings with stepped heights and a richly materialized courtyard. This inner square acquires a unique quality within the public space of Delft, a hidden “jewel” that echoes the city’s historic courtyards. Expected completion of the complex is in 2020.

Barcode Architects presents CasaNova

March 23, 2018

Barcode Architects has designed a new architectural landmark for the skyline of Rotterdam: CasaNova, the first triangular residential tower in The Netherlands. The 110-meter-high tower will rise at Wijnhaven 65 and will engage directly with the street, significantly contributing to the revitalization of the area. The building’s unique shape carefully considers sunlight and visual relations with the neighboring towers, resulting in a form that is both contextually sensitive and distinct. CasaNova’s slender tower elegantly meets the plinth by tapering the lower four stories, holding a gracefully balanced pose like a dancer on the tip of their toes.

Barcode Architects runner-up for the redevelopment of Mannheim University

November 14, 2017

The urban vision Barcode Architects designed for the Mannheim University campus was announced as the runner-up proposal. The design deliberately dispenses the placement of university buildings in the Friedrichspark, which would be used as a university garden. Instead, the park is restored. By activating the adjacent green spaces, a sequence of varied outdoor spaces is created in connection with the Rhine. The plan is complemented with the design of modern and attractive buildings. They provide a view over the surrounding observatory and church, as well as over the Friedrichspark and create a new entrance to the city by reactivating the harbour area. The University’s modern data center is designed as an inviting building in a strong relationship with both the park and the observatory. The overall proposal activates the urban space with a futureproof vision for the Bismarckstraße and the city of Mannheim.

Project for Elbviertel in Dresden officially approved

October 5, 2017

Barcode Architects’ winning proposal for Elbviertel in Dresden, designed in collaboration with LOLA Landscape Architects, has officially been approved by the city as part of the zoning plan. The project’s elegantly curved building ensemble frames a pleasant green courtyard on the banks of the Elbe, and a strong identity is created by the relation with the historic Villa Grunt and with the “White Factory”. Its mixed-use program includes 6,340m2 of housing, retail, workshops, and offices. At the project’s centre is a vibrant park, which is part of a landscaped green zone along the north bank of the Elbe river. The design is part of the Leipziger Vorstadt district, and is connected to the harbour area development that is expected to reach completion in 2020. Elbviertel is Barcode Architects’ second project in Dresden. Earlier this year, the office announced their winning proposal for Ferdinandplatz.


October 2, 2017

The submission of Barcode Architects for the redevelopment of the Bijlmerbajes is part of the exposition Bye Bye Bajes. The exhibition runs from October 3 to October 29 and is hosted in the former Bijlmerbajes. The exposition shows the overview of plans of the five selected consortia. Commissioned by Vastint, Barcode Architects made an urban plan and architectural proposal for this comprehensive and ambitious urban development.

Villa X completed

September 11, 2017

The recently completed Villa X in Brabant (NL) combines solid and void in a geometrically minimalistic composition. By folding the front and back facades inwards, the open living space – the “void” – is fluently connected to the surrounding nature. Two closed blocks at both ends mark the “solid” private spaces, which contain the guest and private living quarters. These private spaces are covered by hefty anthracite concrete walls, with a smooth, reflective finish achieved by multiple layers of hand-polishing. The protruding guest room window is cast into the wall, appearing to have been pulled out from an elastic surface.


August 26, 2017

Barcode Architects are working with the municipality of Dresden on the redevelopment of Ferdinandplatz. The 120,000m2 mixed-use masterplan is prominently located in the city centre, and includes a new city hall, shops, offices, a public underground parking garage and ca. 250 apartments. Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain, the Dresden alderman responsible for the project, has described the transformation as “an important building block for completing the urban regeneration of the city centre”. The ‘new’ Ferdinandplatz is expected to reach completion in 2025.